Quadra Graphic is a leading company in the development of security graphic products.

In our business activities, we ensure: maintaining the security of information of our business partners and users, protecting the integrity of sensitive data within the services we provide, and protecting intellectual property.

By applying best practices in the field of information security, by applying the ISO / IEC 27001 standard, we ensure the following:

  • Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all business information;
  • Compliance with legal requirements regarding information security and other external and internal requirements to which we are committed;
  • Protection of confidential information of business partners and associates;
  • Protection of copyright and confidential information related to intellectual property;
  • Establishing a risk assessment methodology that contains criteria for assessing information security risks and that provides guidelines for dealing with these risks;
  • A framework for setting information security objectives;
  • Development of a business continuity plan in crisis situations;
  • Ongoing training and awareness raising of employees regarding information security;
  • Recording and investigating actual or potential information security breaches;
  • We continuously monitor the development of threats to information security, and the progress of information protection mechanisms
  • Continuous improvement of the information security management system.

02. 11. 2019.

Vladislav Ivanović