Ensuring the best business procedures.


Standards prove our dedication to high quality and social responsibility in every aspect of our work.

We have been certified in accordance with a number of standards that acknowledge excellence in every area of our work, such as: ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO14001 (Environmental Management), OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety Management) and FSCTM CoC.


ISO9001 – Quality Management System

is an international standard whose primary goal is to meet the needs of users. It is applicable to all businesses, regardless of type, size of organization or products / services provided by the organization. The purpose of the standard is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our organization.

Certificate Quadra Graphic - EMS ISO 9001-2015



is a standard environmental management, dedicated to controlling the risk of environmental pollution. EMS (Environmental Management System) establishes mechanisms to eventually reduce these risks and incidents and strengthen the reliability of the organization in meeting legal and other requirements for environmental protection.

Certificate Quadra Graphic - ISO 14001


OHSAS18001 – Health and Safety Management System at Work

Policies of this standard are crucial for employees, but are increasingly important for customers and other stakeholders. Certification of occupational health and safety system according to OHSAS 18001 standard is a significant signal that our organization takes care of the health and safety of employees.

Certificate Quadra Graphic - OHSAS 18001


FSCTM C131951

By issuing the CoC certificate and by highlighting the FSCTM logo on its products, organizations send out information to consumers about the fact that the wood / paper embedded in it has passed through a strict monitoring chain from the cutting of forests under the supervision of experts to responsible processing and production through rational use of wood.

Certificate Quadra Graphic - FSC CoC - Chain Of Custody